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An Austin Based Firm for Your Consulting and Lobbying Needs

Do you need a Texas lobby firm to solve a burning question for your business, develop a legislative solution, or resolve a nagging regulatory problem? If so, the Posey Law Firm is ready to help make it happen.

Whether you are a Texas political insider, the organizational director of a large agency, or the owner of a small business befuddled by a recent legislative change, we will listen to your needs, help you strategize the best path forward, and provide a customized plan to get you to your goals with the least amount of expense and frustration.

Whether you run a business or helm an association, our team can advocate for your interests before Texas lawmakers and agencies. We have diverse experience dealing with clients from sectors ranging from technology to non-profit to energy to healthcare. We offer policy consulting services as well as strategic assistance dealing with state government. We are proud to include some of Texas’s most respected businesses, associations, and startup leaders as clients.

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Our team, led by Jake Posey, represents companies, agencies, and parties of all sizes and scopes, including Fortune 500 businesses, top state associations in Texas, and small businesses.

Legislative and Government Affairs

Our team provides principled guidance for clients who lobby the Texas legislature and state agencies. We can help you stay on message, analyze strategies, develop policy briefs, design forecasts, and engage in this business with political tact and deftness.

Administrative and Regulatory Law 

Whether you are a client who wants to draft or defeat a particular piece of legislation, amend the law, or simply protect your interests before an agency, the team at The Posey Law Firm can help you navigate the Texas legal labyrinth appropriately and effectively.

Connect immediately with our firm now to solve your crucial lobbying, consulting, and legislative puzzles. A call to our Austin office at (512) 646-0828 will start the ball rolling.

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