You face a potentially complicated path. There may be hidden obstacles in your way that have yet to surface. For instance, unfavorable election results or an agency personnel change may derail your plans, and then you’ll have to recalibrate. Alternatively, there might be unseen opportunities out there for you to shortcut the path to your goals.

Identifying these obstacles and opportunities is just one of your challenges. Fortunately, our Texas lobbyists have a powerful network of people who can help you, in Texas agencies and the legislature. We can help you with every aspect of your Texas lobbying needs, from getting the right legislation passed to implementing best policies and practices. When we take on clients, we strive to serve them with diligence, compassion, and efficiency. Even if you run a large organization or company, there is some constraint working against you that has you “resource-strapped.” Turn to our Texas lobbyists for help with your pressing legislative problems!

Solutions Built on ResultsSolutions Built on Results

The Posey Law Firm, led by Jake Posey, is a sharply focused government relations and business law firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm’s government relations practice advises clients and advocates for the successful development of public policy in the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of Texas government. Representing Fortune 500 companies, respected market leaders, and some of Texas’ leading state associations, Mr. Posey’s mission is to diligently deliver government relations solutions for his clients.  Additionally, the firm also offers comprehensive regulatory and administrative law services before all related state agencies.

Legislative and Governmental AffairsLegislative and Governmental Affairs

Our firm is a principled firm. We ground what we do in terms of purpose and values. Even if you run a successful corporation or a big organization, you can always benefit from gaining more clarity both on the tiniest details of your goals—as well as on the bigger picture. We leverage our experience to help you communicate with relevant state agencies, lawmakers, and other decision-makers through a variety of mechanisms. For instance, we can help you strategize, forecast, analyze past relevant data, and put together influential policy positions. We can also help you isolate and test message points, connect you with alliance partners, and follow-up to make your lobbying efforts seamless.

Administrative and Regulatory LawAdministrative and Regulatory Law

The Posey Law Firm, PC, is a results-proven, seasoned, and highly strategic administrative and regulatory law firm in Austin. Whether you own a business that wants to draft a piece of legislation to ease burdens on one of your key processes; or you represent an agency looking to enact or amend a Texas law to get better results for your stakeholders, we can help you get to your best outcomes in a strategic, efficient fashion.