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A Texas Lobby Firm: Solutions Built on Results

Helping You Stay Focused On What You Do Best

Although Texas has a reputation as a “small government” state, it’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of legal provisions, contracts, and requirements. If you make even small errors or omissions with respect to your Texas business operations, disaster can easily ensue. Poor preparation and execution can lead to the foundering of your lobbying strategy, the downgrading of your agency’s rating, or the loss of a key vendor or supplier.

You need a Texas lobby team that has the capacity, focus, and tactical strength to achieve your goals, even if you are operating in an environment that is, at times, less than clear.

A Solid Advisor in a Fluid World

The great State of Texas is in a state of flux. Whether you are running an agency, leading a Fortune 500 company into the 21st Century, or simply trying to keep your small oil and gas business afloat amidst domestic and international market turmoil, you need a sounding board and trusted advisor.

The Posey Law Firm Texas lobby team can help you take care of the critical success factors your organization needs. Avoid getting distracted by the legal minutiae. Instead, focus on serving your clients, meeting your key business metrics, and getting your goals accomplished without running yourself or your staff ragged.

Our firm is a principled firm. We ground what we do in terms of purpose and values. Even if you run a successful corporation or a big organization, you can always benefit from gaining more clarity both on the tiniest details of your goals—as well as on the bigger picture. We leverage our experience to help you communicate with relevant state agencies, lawmakers, and other decision-makers through a variety of mechanisms. For instance, we can help you strategize, forecast, analyze past relevant data, and put together influential policy positions. We can also help you isolate and test message points, connect you with alliance partners, and follow-up to make your lobbying efforts seamless.

We understand that Austin is a political town. The environment can be sensitive and fast-changing. To navigate this landscape adeptly, you need to understand the network of relationships that make this city work.

Because we have deep connections with many key administrators and legislators—we’ve been through this process many times, with many companies and associations—we can help you figure out the most precise way to achieve your goals. After all, changing legislation is really only part of the battle. What you are hoping to achieve is something bigger, something that delivers meaningful results.

The Posey Law Firm, PC, can design and deliver an integrated approach to your legislative and governmental affairs needs. Contact our office today at (512) 646-0828 to begin shaping your future. Your connection with our firm will help steer you toward achieving your Texas legislative and government goals.

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