The Posey Law Firm, PC, is a results-proven, seasoned, and highly strategic administrative and regulatory law firm in Austin. Whether you own a business that wants to draft a piece of legislation to ease burdens on one of your key processes; or you represent an agency looking to enact or amend a Texas law to get better results for your stakeholders, we can help you get to your best outcomes in a strategic, efficient fashion.

Here is an outline of our process:

  1. Our firm works closely with clients to draft legislation and to pass or defeat pending legislation that impacts our clients’ interests.
  2. Once new or amended laws are enacted, our firm works to promote our clients’ agendas by dealing with the agencies assigned to implement these new regulations.
  3. The firm also works with the implementing agencies to provide formal comments or informal inputs when rules are developed to enact legislation.

The Power of Experience

The Posey Law Firm, P.C., is uniquely positioned in the Austin law sphere. Our clients have included major agencies in Texas, large companies—including some Fortune 500 firms—and small businesses and startups. Not only do we boast good relationships with key decision makers, policy makers, and legislators in the state, but we also understand the processes by which Texas administrative and regulatory law work—both in theory and in practice.

Dealing with Unexpected Surprises – and Possible Shortcuts to Your Goals

Even if you operate a large agency or big business, you are keenly aware of the limitations of your resources, time, and focus. You may have a very clear, grand vision for what you hope to achieve. Or you may be in the process of crystallizing that vision. In either case, you are bound to encounter setbacks, surprising alliance opportunities, and even “shortcuts” along your way.

The process of creating, amending, or defeating legislation in Austin is inherently messy and unpredictable. Even if you have your alliance partners in the loop, sign-offs from key decision makers and stakeholders, and a cooperative legislature, you never can tell what 11th hour surprises will be thrown your way.

To that end, you need a trusted, time-tested Austin administrative and regulatory law firm on your side. We can help keep you focused—or, if needed, help you pivot and reorient swiftly. We understand that you have a tremendous amount at stake regarding your policy vision, both personally nd professionally. We'll keep you in the loop, answer your questions, and help you correct your course all the way towards your goal, so you never feel out of control.

Agency Adjudicatory Proceedings

The Posey Law Firm can appear before administrative agencies in Texas to help with ratemaking, enforcement, licensing, and other critical proceedings.


Our team has the qualifications and skills to challenge administrative decisions, if they do not follow the law or the facts. We have the capacity to engage in direct appeals, request for declaratory judgments, injunctive proceedings, and a diverse array of other requests. We can also patiently explain aspects of policy drafting, negotiation, implementation, and amendment. That way, you can understand clearly what’s going on, and you can communicate that mission critical information to anyone else in your organization.

We can help you feel in control, positive, and energized, no matter where in the policy development process you are.

Look to our Austin regulatory law team today to get results. We’re just a phone call away: a call to our Austin office at (512) 646-0828 will get you on track to fulfilling your agenda.