An Austin public affairs law firm can help you, your business, or your organization navigate the complex, multi-dimensional, and confusing world of modern media. Truth be told, organizations and businesses face exquisitely complicated challenges when it comes to connecting with the public, getting messages across, and putting out fires.

Getting a message across in today’s hyper-connected media environment is a challenge. Consider the vast and diverse ways that people trade information these days. The “old guard”—network news, printed newspapers, radio, etc.—remains alive and well. But newer media channels abound: 24-hour cable news networks, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, blogs and other online media. The result is an absurdly complex media landscape.

This environment creates challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, government affairs have never been more transparent. On the other hand, the chaos—the splintering of everyone’s attention—makes it vastly more challenging to develop a coherent message and circulate it broadly.

The Posey Law Firm has tremendous experience helping organizations and businesses communicate effectively not only with agencies and inside policymakers but also with the public at large. Certainly, Texas legislators will pay attention to your message. But they also will listen to what their constituents think. To get your agenda all moving in the right direction—to keep your message in sync and put out public relations fires before they burn down your initiative— you need a global approach to media management.

The Posey Law Firm, PC, can help you manage perceptions on multiple levels and keep your message single-pointed, purposeful, and in line with your mission. Our lobbying services can help keep you and your team relaxed and engaged, so you can do your best work.

Managing Public and Private Perceptions of Your Organization

Even if your organization has a one-pointed agenda, and your position is well known both by the public and by legislators, you can still encounter surprising hurdles and opportunities. Most businesses and organizations struggle to define their best outcomes.

A surprising story in a local newspaper can turn your once non-newsworthy agenda into the Twitter story of the day. An “interview gone wrong” on a cable news channel can go viral on Facebook and create all sorts of repercussions to be managed. Alternatively, a key decision maker in the Texas legislature may suddenly pivot to support your agenda and turn a once moribund initiative into something hot and actionable.

It’s easy for even disciplined companies and organizations to get sucked into the public affairs melodrama. And that can be dangerous. First of all, the ups and downs of the public affairs rollercoaster can throw you and your team out of emotional equilibrium. Secondly, you may become reactive. You may make decisions that can compromise your company or agency’s public image. Or you can wind up on a wild goose chase.

Our team can keep you focused and on track to meet your goals, connect effectively with decision makers, and to cultivate better relationships with lawmakers. To move forward on your agenda, call our Texas lobbyist law firm at our Austin office at (512) 646-0828 today. Results matter. We’re the team that believes your results matter most.