The Posey Law Firm, P.C., is an Austin based Texas lobby firm with a wealth of experience, diversity of resources, and established connections to key Texas policy makers.

The Lone Star state was founded on the principle of fierce independence. Yet Texas government today can play a huge role in our lives, our companies, and our organizations. The heroes of Texas freedom understood how important it is for individual actors to be able to influence power. As a result, both companies and individuals maintain an amazing ability to influence government decisions, both directly and indirectly. But doing so is not necessarily an intuitive task!

Putting theory into practice requires special skills and special relationships. Texas may be a big state, but the halls of power often feel quite intimate. It helps to know the people who make decisions about laws and agency regulations. It also helps to know how to navigate the bureaucracy of Texas government.

The Posey Law Firm, PC, is uniquely positioned as one of the top lobbying firms in Austin. We can help you figure out what tactics to try, what strategies to follow, and which decision-makers to target. We can help you educate policymakers and decision-makers in a way that’s ethical, positive, and results-oriented. We pride ourselves in understanding how the Texas government relations process works. We know what education campaigns work—and which methods typically backfire. Our goal is single-minded: to get our clients the most positive strategic outcomes based on their criteria.

Managing Shareholder and Principal Lobbyist - Jake Posey