Does Environmental Legislation Affect Your Business?

Environmental legislation, both nationwide and here in Texas, plays a huge role in shaping the economic prospects of some industries. While environmental legislation is essential in some cases, critics worry that unnecessary environmental laws and regulations could have an adverse impact on the Texas economy. Does environmental legislation affect your business?

Energy Companies at Risk from Environmental Legislation

The federal government is looking to expand its endangered species classifications amidst environmental concerns, and that poses a big threat for energy companies here in Texas and nationwide. New classifications of endangered species can present big roadblocks for oil and gas companies in the form of habitat conservation. Oil and gas companies may be prevented outright from operating in habitats where endangered species can be found, which could restrict access to high-value oil or natural gas resources.

In an alternate arrangement, oil and gas companies that disturb protected habitat could pay landowners to set aside acreage for habitat conservation. While this would enable the energy companies to operate in these habitats, it could potentially have a major impact on bottom line. Energy companies argue that protected habitats and environmental legislation could cripple economic development in Texas; this, in turn, could have a trickle-down effect on other industries.

Does Environmental Legislation Matter to Your Business?

At first glance, environmental legislation may not seem particularly important to your business. But these laws could have a wide-reaching impact on the Texas economy. What if, for example, you’re a mechanic who services vehicles for the energy industry? These environmental laws could impact the energy industry’s pockets, meaning fewer trucks on the road, or energy industries operating only in non-protected areas - which could mean you’re out of a job. Or in another example, what if you’re in agriculture and suddenly some of your property is declared a protected habitat? Or what if your route to town is suddenly off-limits because it passes through protected habitat?

Environmental legislation doesn’t exist in a self-contained bubble; it has potentially wide-reaching impact over a variety of industries. Does any of the proposed environmental legislation affect your business? If so, consider contacting a Texas Lobbyist  at The Posey Law Firm, PC.

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