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Heavy Energy Development Traffic Creates Tricky Road Conditions

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Heavy Energy Development Traffic Creates Tricky Road Conditions

Energy development has been a great boon for the Texas economy. Texas has a lot of energy resources, and development of these resources brings money into the state and local economy. But this development also carries some downsides. The increase in heavy traffic due to energy development in South and East Texas is damaging roads, and creating tricky road conditions - and a tough balancing act for state and local authorities.

Industry can Create a Difficult Balancing Act

The heavy vehicle traffic related to the historic oil boom has damaged many rural roads in parts of South and East Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation has concluded that it lacks the financial resources to repave these roads and properly maintain them in the face of this heavy vehicle traffic, so instead it will be converting more than 80 miles of paved roads to gravel. The changes to these farm-to-market roads are coming under heavy criticism from the farmers and ranchers who live near and on them, which has created a difficult balancing act for state and local authorities.

Potential Implications for the Energy Industry and Legislative Involvement

One proposed solution to problems like this is to increase taxes on the companies that are profiting from the energy boom. The plan is that the increase in taxes would cover the costs to maintain and repair infrastructure damaged by the heavy energy development - like these roads. TxDOT says that repairing and maintaining the oil field roads will cost about $1 billion a year in additional funding; putting a big burden on energy companies and the state to come up with a lot of cash to cover these repairs.

Efforts to increase taxes have failed to gain traction, for now, but as communities and even state senators push back, that could change. Do any of these proposals or issues affect your business? If so, consider contacting a Texas Lobbyist at The Posey Law Firm, PC.

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