Invest in Proactive Solutions to Legislative Threats

Changes to legislation can have a major negative impact on your company’s bottom line. Working with a lobby firm to fight legislation that threatens your business is one possible avenue to protect your revenue and earning potential, but fighting legislation isn’t the only way to deal with legislative threats. Think about outside-the-box, proactive solutions to deal with potentially damaging new laws and regulations.

Energy Companies Lead the Way with Proactive Solutions

Energy companies are currently leading the way in proactive, creative solutions to deal with legislative threats. Environmental legislation is potentially a big threat for energy companies right now; it could limit where these companies can operate, and cut them off from valuable oil and natural gas resources. To help negate the need for this legislation, energy companies are responding with proactive solutions.

Industry organizations have begun working with lobbyists to create a non-profit organization whose purpose is to conserve habitat for the dunes sagebrush lizard - a creature that isn’t currently listed as endangered, but whose numbers are low enough that an endangered listing could come in the near future. Another group, recently incorporated a foundation whose purpose is to oversee a conservation plan for the lesser prairie chicken; another creature currently under consideration for the endangered species list.

By setting up these foundations and organizations, energy companies are tackling these issues head-on - before there’s a need for legislation that could potentially be more restrictive and cut into energy company profits. It’s a win-win - endangered animals get protection, and energy companies can avoid legislation that could tell them where to operate and cut them off from valuable resources.

What Solutions are Right for Your Business?

Directly fighting against new legislation is only one avenue to protect your business - and it isn’t always the most effective way to tackle threatening legislation. By working with an experienced Texas lobby firm, like us here at The Posey Law Firm, P.C., you can come up with proactive, outside-the-box solutions to protect your business so consider contacting a Texas lobbyist at the Texas lobby firm used by many top companies and leading state associations.

Our Texas lobby firm has Texas lobbyists available to consult with you today and help develop a strategy for addressing important business related issues. Call a Texas lobby firm who has the experience to handle your needs - call The Posey Law Firm by dialing 1-888-269-1962.


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