Legislative Ratings and What They Mean for Your Business

The Young Conservatives of Texas offer a public service whereby they rate the efficacy of the Texas Legislature in every session. With bi-yearly installments since 1975, YCT provides a thorough, respected and consistent legislative rating to help constituents evaluate the time that their representatives spend in session. The YCT ratings are a valuable tool that can help constituents determine whether they’re happy with their representatives - and can help an astute lobby firm find a representative who might be a good match for clients’ needs.

Ratings are a Good Way to Evaluate Legislators

Legislative ratings, like the ones the YCT issues for every session, can help constituents evaluate their representatives. From a legislative standpoint, though, these ratings are helpful in determining how legislators vote and whether they’re true to their platforms once elected. In some cases, for example, legislators run on a specific platform, but when they’re actually in session, they may not vote according to their avowed platform. With something like the YCT rankings, constituents can also determine which representatives are most conservative, and which are most liberal. Legislative ratings are a good way to evaluate legislators on a variety of factors.

Ratings can Help You Find the Right Legislator for Your Needs

What this means, from a practical standpoint, is that legislative ratings can be a good way to find the right legislator for your needs. If you’re preparing a specific piece of legislation for the next session, for example, legislative ratings can help determine which representatives might be most likely to support your legislation. You can determine how people have voted on similar topics, and use these ratings to predict which representatives might be pro or against certain pieces of legislation. This makes it possible to identify the best sponsor for a piece of legislation, and gives you time to prepare the legislation and groom the representative prior to the next session.

In the hands of an experienced lobby firm, legislative ratings can become an invaluable tool to find the right partner for your legislative needs.

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