New Legislation Would Benefit Texas Distillers

September has been declared “Texas Craft Spirits Month” in recognition of new state laws that would give distillers more freedom to produce and sell in the state. State Senator Leticia Van de Putte co-sponsored four new laws that affect Texas distillers, making it easier for these companies to produce, buy and sell distilled spirits. Analysts are predicting that these new laws will make it possible for Texas distillers to compete on a national level.

New Distilled Spirits Laws Benefit Texas

The four new laws that affect Texas distillers put Texas more in line with states that have more relaxed distilled spirits laws. This is a positive change in legislation that paves the way for Texas to gain national traction in the industry, which includes alcoholic beverages such as vodka, tequila, rum and gin. For a long time, Kentucky and Tennessee have been the states best known for their distilled spirits; these new laws in Texas give distillers more options to buy and sell, and opens the door for Texas to join other states in this profitable industry.

Working Toward Laws to Benefit Your Industry

These four laws make it possible for distillers to buy liquor used in making spirits from other Texas distillers; solicit and take orders from wholesalers; conduct product samplings at their distilleries without a special permit; and to sell products directly to consumers. This gives Texas distillers a variety of options to boost revenue and reduce expenses, which benefits the industry here in Texas in a big way.

What laws are in place that currently restrict your industry’s potential? Are there limits on what you can sell, to whom you can sell it or the way you can sell that prevent you from maximizing your revenue? Are expenses too high because of existing Texas laws? Don’t just accept this as the status quo; give us a call to discuss legislation that impacts your industry, and how we can make changes that will benefit your business.

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