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Practical Concerns vs. Business Downsides in Legislation

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Practical Concerns vs. Business Downsides in Legislation

If a business isn’t profitable, it can’t succeed. This is a very basic tenet of running a business. Savvy business owners do what they can to maximize profit in every possible way - but sometimes legislation restricts a business or industry’s ability to maximize profit. In those cases, business owners may work to fight restrictive laws - but sometimes practical concerns trump business development. This isn’t what many businesses want to hear, but not every law can be a business win.

Environmental legislation is a big example of how laws can have practical value, but may not be the most advantageous for businesses. Laws regulating greenhouse gasses, for example, may cause some financial consequences for Texas business owners - but ultimately provide very real practical benefits on a global scale. The same thing goes for laws that prohibit polluting water sources - while it may have cost less, years ago, to dump directly into rivers or lakes, now we can see that the practical realities of this sort of dumping make it a very bad idea to continue this practice - even if it costs less than doing it right.

Work Toward Creative Solutions with the Aid of a Texas Lobby Firm

For the sake of providing practical protections, legislation sometimes goes a bit too far in the other direction. It’s possible to strike a balance between practical benefit and financial cost to business owners. With the aid of an experienced Texas lobby firm, like The Posey Law Firm, P.C., businesses can work toward creative solutions that provide practical benefits without imposing unnecessarily strict legislation.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to just stick your head in the sand and hope that legislation won’t impact your business. As a human being, and a resident of Texas, sometimes we have to accept that a new law may provide practical benefits but could have financial consequences for your business. It happens. But with the right approach, we can strike a balance that provides practical benefits but doesn’t unduly penalize businesses.

Our Texas lobby firm has Texas lobbyists available to consult with you today and help develop a strategy for addressing important business related issues. Call a Texas lobby firm who has the experience to handle your needs - call The Posey Law Firm by dialing 1-888-269-1962.


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