Texas Legislature Calls a Second Special Session

With some controversial bills circulating during this year’s special sessions, you’ve probably already heard that the Texas Legislature has called a second special session. In fact, they’ve already passed some of the bills on the agenda for this round of the special session. Is there something on the docket for this special session that could impact your business, or will another special session bring about new opportunities to pass important legislation?

The Regular Legislative Session is Only a Beginning

We’re already in the second special session, and many new bills have been filed. Many of them are routine and don’t require much consideration, but several of these bills may have the ability to impact your business.

Work as a lobbyist doesn’t end when the regular session ends. The governor can call as many special sessions as he deems necessary, and hundreds - or even thousands - of new bills could be introduced. This means that the regular legislative session is only a beginning, with potentially months left to tackle important issues.

Your Interests Need Ongoing Advocacy

During a regular session, thousands of bills may be filed. In a special session, legislators could be looking at any number of new bills. It’s important to ensure that the piece of legislation most important to you gets the attention it needs in order to become an active bill. Without drawing attention to a piece of legislation that’s important to you, it may never come to a vote and may not create the change you’re hoping for.

Alternately, if you’re opposed to a piece of legislation that didn’t get voted on during the regular legislative session, you can’t assume that it won’t come up again during a special session. With many bills introduced in every special session, it’s not uncommon for issues to come up again and again until they finally come to a vote or get placed on the call. You need an advocate who’s watching out for your interests until the last special session has ended, and you can safely assume that a bill is done until the next regular session of the Texas Legislature.

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