83rd Session of Texas Legislature Convened

The 83rd Session of Texas Legislature convened on January 8th, marking the beginning of just 140 days in which legislature must struggle with weighty issues that will have a big impact on business and the Texas economy. What do you have to think about this year?

Texas Budget Outlook - Cuts, Spending and Services

The budget is always a matter of concern when the Texas legislature convenes. Over the past few years, Texas has faced shortfalls that have led to a host of budget reductions. This always has serious consequences for business, in everything from direct tax implications to the state of the economy and consumer spending habits.

However, this year’s budget challenges are a bit different. A rebounding economy has put billions of dollars into state coffers, and debate now hinges on how to spend it. Suggestions from increased government services to tax relief have been pitched; each of which has unique implications for various elements of the business sector. It’s important for organizations to understand these implications, and savvy individuals will work to ensure their interests are protected throughout this process.

Understand How Proposed Legislation will Affect Your Organization

As an organization that may be impacted by new legislation this term, it’s important to understand how proposed legislation will affect your business. In the past few years, Texas legislature has played a role in everything from the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster to capped oil wells. A big concern for this year’s legislature is water use. Gun control, predatory lending and changes to medical care and health insurance are also targets for this year’s session. Each of these concerns affects various segments of industry in a different way, and understanding how any new proposed legislation could impact your business is key to shaping a favorable outcome.

You can learn more about proposed legislation at the Texas Legislature Online website. However, many organizations would benefit from a strategic partnership with an experienced Texas lobbyist. Give us a call at the Posey Law Firm, P.C. to discuss your concerns, and learn how we can help you protect your interests.


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