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Understand Regulatory Requirements to Take Advantage of JOBS Act

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Understand Regulatory Requirements to Take Advantage of JOBS Act

The JOBS Act, signed into law on April 5, 2012, offers small businesses valuable opportunities to grow at a time when they’re most in need of capital. Unfortunately, many small businesses are unfamiliar with the provisions of the JOBS Act, or the regulatory requirements they must comply with in order to take advantage of this piece of legislation. How can the JOBS Act help your business?

Many Small Businesses Don’t Realize the JOBS Act Gives Them Access to Capital

Many small businesses have never even heard of the JOBS Act, which stands for Jumpstart Our Business Startups. This is highly unfortunate, because this act is legislation that is designed to make it easier for small businesses to get funding by easing various securities regulations. This legislation effectively eases regulatory compliance for certain types of small businesses, making it easier to get funding without having to jump through a bunch of SEC and shareholder-compliant hoops. With the aid of an experienced Texas small business law firm, many businesses would have access to capital under the JOBS Act that could provide vital assistance in growing the business at a critical stage.

Work with a Good Business Attorney to Understand the JOBS Act

While the focus of the JOBS Act was to ease regulatory requirements, small businesses that want access to capital still have to understand the requirements that are in place, and the provisions they’ll have to comply with in the future. It’s critical for businesses to work with a good attorney to ensure they’re on track to meet JOBS Act requirements as they move forward with the funding process. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to raise capital and fund your small business at a critical growth stage. Take advantage of legislation designed to help you as you develop your business.

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